Peacehaven Baptist Church


Dear Friend:

I would like to extend to you my personal invitation to come to Peacehaven Baptist Church.

My wife and I live in Cambourne. Although I actually grew up near here in Cambridge. We have a love for many things about Cambourne, but most of all God has given us a love for people. Caring for people and showing them the Saviour is one of our church’s main concerns.

Here you will find a warm friendly atmosphere, caring people, and the love of the Saviour. What you will also find are real people who have found real help. There is healing for a troubled soul, a place of peace in the midst of the storm and the truth about the things that really matter in life.

Why don’t you come on out and see for yourself. I will be looking forward to seeing you this week.

Meeting at the Cambourne Community Centre,

The Hub in Cambourne

Sunday School and Adult Bible Study 10 am

Junior Church and

Morning Worship 11 am


The Gospel